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Some of these resources can be downloaded here. Others are links to outside resources.


Footsteps to Leadership Manual
A manual for congregational expression leaders of the NC SWO of the Women of the ELCA.
Download by chapters:

Guidelines and forms for the conference leaders. This manual includes the guidelines for the NC SWO Annual Gathering Hostess Conference and the Service of Rememberance for the Christine Bohr Anderson Scholarship
Does your congregational expression need to update it's constitution? Here are several models to help you make sure you include all the elements you need. Choose the one that fits your needs.

                 for a Model CU Constitution that has needed elements highlighted.

Click here for a Model CU Constitution that has blanks in the places where you need to fill in information.
Resource Links

Heilig Resource Center at the NC Synod Office

Women of the ELCA Website

Women of the ELCA Resources and Products: Here you can find the 25th Anniversary jewelry, Christmas ornaments and clothing.

Cafe Online Magazine for Young Women

Gather Magazine Subscribe to our Women of the ELCA Magazine

Interchange   Read our Women of the ELCA monthly newsletter online

Connections Sign up for our Women of the ELCA online news

Lutheran World Relief Kits

Lutheran World Relief Quilts

Lutheran World Hunger

Bread for the World

The current constitution of the North 
Carolina Synodical Women's Organization 
​A brochure about the NC Synodical Women's Organization. Use it to tell others about us.
The same NC SWO brochure with a blank panel so you can personalize the brochure with information about your group
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The Bulletin
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The Bulletin
Prayers for women written for you by NC Clergy Women
The monthly newsletter of the NC Synodical Womens Organization.        It is e-mailed or postal mailed each month to every congregational unit's president. It is available free online to all interested persons.

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NC SWO 25th Anniversary Devotion Booklet

Devotions and prayers written by our NC women
 Women of the ELCA yearbook sample
This is a helpful resource for those congregational expressions wanting to know what information should be in their yearbook
Katie's Fund Skit
This skit from the Women of the ELCA website is a great resource for Bold Women's Sunday. Click here for a copy.
Download the Print Version of the Archived Carolina Vine. 
Copy it for those in your congregation without e-mail or read as a continuous document. 

Fall Vine 2016
Summer Vine 2016
Winter Vine 2016
​Fall Vine 2015
Summer Vine 2015
Spring Vine 2015
Winter Vine 2015
Fall Vine 2014
Summer Vine 2014

As of January 2017, the Carolina Vine is no longer published.
2020 and 2021 Bulletins are available upon request.  Use the "Contact Us" button on this page or email the webmaster at

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