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As a community of women created in the image of God,
called to discipleship in Jesus Christ and 
empowered by the Holy Spirit,
we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts,
support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action,
and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society, 
and the world.

To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ.
Our 30+ Year History

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Our Structure
The North Carolina Synodical Womens Organization (NC SWO) provides support, events and services for congregational expressions that meet in some 200 ELCA congregations across N.C. These units gather in groups, sometime in "circles," for study, advocacy, service and fellowship. Much of the work of the statewide organization is done through its committees. These committees meet twice yearly at Committee Day events. Contact our president if you are interested in serving at the state level. 

NC SWO Committees 
Restructured in 2016

Justice  (formerly Action & Community) 
Discipleship (formerly Leadership & Growth)
Stewardship (New) 
SWO Gathering Planning
Conference Leaders

Churchwide Women of the ELCA
Our churchwide expression is based
 in Chicago, Illinois. This exceptional 
staff provides support and services 
to the Women of the ELCA across 
our church and the world. 

Empowered by grace from Jesus Christ, the North Carolina Women of the ELCA walk boldly in faith. Daily we take up the cross to serve others and to witness in our community and the world. The love and power of that faith flows through us and out to all those we encounter, especially those in need. We are women of all ages, with varying gifts and callings. We walk together, some leaning and some bearing another’s burdens. We are a bold sisterhood of faith!
​WHY NOT?  Use your voice, Stand Up for Justice and Make Change Happpen? 

Look around and you will see countless ways to be inspired to be God's hands.  Look up to the heavens and you will find inspiration you need to fulfill any calling put in your path.

When confronted with a decision, we oftentimes ask ourselves "Why?"  What with our busy schedules these days, we spend time trying to  justify our answer before committing to something that will take something from us, be it out time, talents o money to name a few. But can you imagine if God asked the same question - "Why?" - when considering the daily petitions we offer to him in prayer? 

Instead of looking away when you see an injustice or a need that needs filling, look for ways to right the wrong or step in an take action. 

Our theme dares us all to make change happen by using our voices.  It dares us to make change happen by taking a stand for justice.  NC Women of he ELCA dares you to find your passion and accomplish great things by asking you self a simple question - "Why Not?"